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Profile and threshold specification for French Doors

Profile and threshold specification
Cill details - The height of the Cill is 30mm, the depth is either 150mm standard cill or an 85mm stub cill. 
No cill caps are provided with stub cills. 
Threshold - Threshold is 100mm which comprises of 70mm upstand and 30mm cill.
Opening - The french doors open 180 degrees when fitted to the external face of the brickwork.
Trickle Vents - Trickle vents are in the door sash and do not impact on the height.
Clear opening - When both doors are open, there is no central bar.
Dual Handles - If selecting single handle doors, the door without a handle is operated using a catch top and bottom and opens fully.
Hinges - If your doors are opening outwards then the hinges would be on the outside, and if your doors are opening inwards then the hinges are on the inside.

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